It's just who I am

I'm a happily married mom to 3 fabulous children & I didn’t realize I was counter culture. I was searching through the internet one day, pursuing one of my interests & I saw the term. Now, I knew my interests were not the same as anyone else I knew, and I knew I wasn’t mainstream. But I hadn’t actually thought of myself as counter culture. When I saw it, I knew it described me.

I don’t find any particular pride in being so different. In fact, I have often bemoaned that fact. It’s human nature to want a tribe, and it feels strangely isolating to be so… counter. I’m trying to embrace it though. I’m getting used to it & trying to wear it well. Thanks to social networking & the blogosphere, I realize I’m not ‘alone’ even though I don’t know many people up close & personal who think like I do. My husband does, and I can’t imagine not having him, my very best friend, on the same page as I. What an enormous blessing that is!

Finding the term counter culture is similar to my once nameless parenting style. I never knew it had a name either! I just followed my motherly instincts and parented in that way. I didn’t care about what anyone else had to say about it because I had a deep conviction that I needed to parent my child in my way. Then one day I found out I wasn’t alone, and there was even a name for it, and books written about it! That would be attachment parenting, by the way. 

Many times, I'll learn something new & immediately after the epiphany of realizing "now I know this, I must apply it to my life", I think "no, not one more thing to be different about!" But, like I said, I'm getting used to it.

What specifically makes me counter culture? Well, I'm a work in progress, and I know that my counter culture ways will reveal themselves more as the blog develops.

I'm hoping that there will be a lot to discuss, many topics to write about, and insights to share. I'll be posting my opinions, wisdom I've gained, maybe some homeschooling stuff, homesteading related topics... the list goes on. I hope you find something interesting, or helpful here & that you'll join the discussion & share your thoughts!


  1. Welcome to the group of counter culture. I have been part of it for years. I am like you in the respect that I don't have a lot of up close and personal contact with others but I am very blessed to have found a great community on line. I look forward to seeing what you have to say!

  2. Yes there seems to be more of us Counter Culture people out there than we realized. I am thankful for blogging for connecting us all. I love getting new ideas and re affirming what I have figured out. [o=



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